Cannabis energy drinks gain popularity with weed legalization



Posted on January 10, 2014 at 8:11 PM

Updated Friday, Jan 10 at 8:41 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- A new drink in our area is gaining more popularity in the Northwest.

It is a cannabis energy drink. A variation of the special ingredient that gives this drink its name is sold at Huckleberries. Hemp seeds.

Doug Burke runs a distribution company in Spokane that distributes a large variety of food products throughout the Northwestern United States. One of the products with the highest sales is an Austrian made cannabis energy drink.

Burke received his first pallet last June. It has become his hottest selling drink.

“Most energy drinks have a medicine bite to them. This is as smooth as can be and that’s because of the hemp seed extract,” said Burke.

Burke said the hemp seed extract gives the energy drink its name.

“The male plant that this product is made with doesn’t care THC, so there is no problem with UA’s or getting high or being impaired when you drink this,” said Burke.

He said the product is FDA approved. It is mainly sold in private convenience stores.

“Chains are still kind of nervous about this. They are afraid of what the public is gonna say about this to be honest,” said Burke.

Burke said some stores sell up to 240 cans a week. He believes the legalization of marijuana in the state helps the drink’s image.

“The timing couldn’t have been better for an energy drink named this. I think a lot of people are willing to try it, that maybe wouldn’t want to try it before because of the legalization,” said Burke.

The drink would still be legal to sell even if Washington did not legalize marijuana.