Spokane Valley parents protest nearly nude baristas




Posted on September 17, 2013 at 6:32 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 19 at 10:53 AM

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -- A group of parents in Spokane Valley said their kids are seeing too much as they drive by nearly nude coffee stands.

Protestors stood outside the XXX Espresso stand Tuesday morning trying to get more attention for their cause. They believe bikini baristas are a form of adult entertainment and should have to follow a different set of rules.

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Residents said the nearly nude employees are showing too much skin and exposing underage children to something they should not see.

“It concerns me that any teenager or any child has access, whether they’re 3 year-old or 17 to go into a place like that,” said Protestor Sandy Ross.

The protestors are asking Spokane Valley leaders to enforce current laws or create new ones. They believe the little clothing the baristas wear is a form of indecent exposure.

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The owner of XXX Espresso told KREM 2 News she is not breaking any laws. She also said she does not see what the baristas are doing as overly sexual and it is just one way to make her coffee stand out in a competitive market.

The protestors said they plan on being outside the coffee stand each day for the rest of the week and go before city council Monday.