Council to approve projects funded by red light cameras

SPOKANE, Wash. – Red light cameras in Spokane bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in fines.

City leaders said all that money goes toward projects that they say make Spokane a safer place to drive.

"It's a reasonable fine for a very dangerous activity so we think it's a pretty good connection," said Spokane City Councilman Jon Snyder.

Police, prosecutor want lawmakers to make red light cameras crime-figh...

City Council will vote Monday night to spend $100,000 on each of the three districts in Spokane for improvements in different neighborhoods. They expect to pay for all of the projects neighbors recommended to the city for the upcoming construction season just like in 2014.

City leaders said a lot of people that run red lights in Spokane are actually from out of town and it is their money that is paying for traffic improvements across Spokane.

Revenue from red light cameras will fund city projects

"This has been one of the most successful programs we've seen with my time in the city," said Snyder.

More crosswalks, ramps and sidewalks are the priority for city leaders. It is part of a long term goal to make streets safer and encourage more people to travel on foot instead of in their car.


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