$1,000 in food stolen from N. Spokane food bank freezer




Posted on November 13, 2013 at 7:44 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 13 at 8:20 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--Someone stole almost $1,000 worth of food from a food bank in North Spokane.

The food would have helped make meals for people living in the Hillyard neighborhood.

The New Hope Ranch Ministry provides meals in Hillyard each week. Employees have no idea who stole all the food but they remain focused on helping as many people as they can.

People lined up inside the church waiting to grab a warm meal and take home food to their family.

The food bank provides 7,000 meals and 20,000 pounds of food each month.

"It's really sad to have to turn people away but the impact I've seen is just that it brings people together,” said New Hope Ranch Board Member Eric Zahl.

Staff were disappointed to learn someone cut off the lock to their freezer. They had 40 pizzas, frozen meat and turkeys they were going to hand out for Thanksgiving inside.

"That is what we cook to feed the people here so it just takes away from what we can give them but God will replace it and it will be better,” said New Hope Ranch staff member Genny Helling.

New Hope Ranch employees have been feeding people in Spokane for ten years and they have spent the last three years at their Hillyard location.

They are supported completely by five local businessmen. Those sponsors believe they can get past this setback.

"We always say we never have problems here, we only have opportunities. We have lots of opportunities and we take the resources given to us and we distribute them as best we can,” said Zahl.

Lunch is offered every Monday and Wednesday. Dinner is offered on Fridays. Staff who work each of those services said every meal makes a difference.
"Some people it's the only thing they have to eat and I know some of them personally, it's hard because I want to do more for them but you know we can only do so much,” said Helling.