Child released from hospital after truck crashes into living room



Posted on November 10, 2013 at 12:54 AM

Updated Sunday, Nov 10 at 10:36 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.—A ten-year-old girl was released from the hospital on Saturday after a truck crashed into a Coeur d’Alene home she was in on Thursday. 
The driver, 27-year-old Thomas Heinbaugh, was allegedly behind the wheel. He faces D.U.I. and felony charges.
Family members said it has been an emotional rollercoaster for Jeff Groat and Sherri Bloom. They said they never expected a truck to come crashing through the living room. They are both recovering in the hospital from serious injuries but said they are just happy Bloom’s daughter, Lyra Vonk, is doing okay.
 Vonk, Bloom and Groat were playing cards in Groat’s living room when the car came crashing through.
"I heard something crash and then I blacked out,” said Vonk.
Vonk does not appear to have been hit. A friend of Bloom’s said the truck hit the house so hard that it pushed Bloom through the living room and pinned her against the back wall. Groat was pinned under the truck.
“His leg was pretty much under the truck tire,” said Groat’s mom, Judy Groat.
Groat is recovering from rib fractures at Kootenai medical center and has a big cut on his leg.
Groat was reunited with his dog that ran off after the crash. A man found the dog near the hospital Thursday and contacted the family Saturday morning.
"His dog got him through some very difficult times in his life and it meant a great deal. He said I don't know if I can make it without my Burke,” said Judy Groat.
Groat is expected to leave the hospital on Sunday.
Bloom will be in the hospital a few days longer. She is recovering from a broken neck and head injuries.
Vonk is resting up and recovering from her hip injuries. She is waiting for her mom to come back home.
"It's a miracle that any of them survived at all,” said Judy Groat.
An account has been set up to help both families. Donations can be made to the Bloom and Groat Medical Benefit Fund at any Sterling bank.