VERIFY: Does chiropractic care help treat nervous system disorders?

Verify: Chiropractic and nervous system disorders KREM

SPOKANE, Wash. – Nervous system disorders, such as epilepsy and anxiety, can be quite a burden and difficult to treat. One Spokane teen said chiropractic care has helped her find relief.

Alyssa Minden, 15, was sitting in a movie when her arms and legs began shaking and convulsing beyond her control. The incident rattled Minden and soon after, she began having episodes as often as twice per day. The episodes sometimes lasted hours at a time.

“I got really upset and I started crying,” said Minden.

Minden did not know what was going, she only knew she could not stop her shaking.

“I just started tapping, and I couldn’t stop tapping. And four hours later it finally stopped,” said Minden. “It was really bad and they said it was a ‘conversion disorder.’”

Minden was given medication from specialists in Spokane, but she was still experiencing regular episodes. Minden’s mother stumbled on a video online that she said changed everything.

Dr. Chad Johnson, a chiropractor in Spokane, said he was excited as he heard Minden describing her symptoms, because he was confident his treatment could help her.

Tests solidified Johnson’s confidence.

“Chiropractors have this crazy belief that the body is designed to be healthy and it’s designed to heal itself. And if it’s not doing what it’s supposed to, we have to figure out what the interference is,” said Johnson. “What we do is we just pull the stress out of the system so that the body can regulate itself better.”

Dr. Johnson was careful to say that chiropractic care does not necessarily cure conditions like Minden’s, but it can make a world of difference with symptom management.

KREM 2 On Your Side wanted to verify this claim and did find several case studies that seem to support it. The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association features 11 different case studies that show young people benefiting from chiropractic care. A study featured by the National Institutes of Health described a 25-year-old woman being helped with her seizures, too.

Minden said the difference for her was immediate. Through chiropractic care, she regained normalcy in her life.

“It was instant. Everyone could tell a difference. Just being with my siblings, going to birthday parties,” said Minden. “If you have it, you’re going to know you just want it to be gone, so it’s worth a shot.”

Minden said she has not had a single episode since beginning chiropractic treatment.

Everyone’s medical situation is unique, so always consult with professionals for specific treatment plans.

Dr. Johnson and Minden agree – If you are struggling with similar symptoms or other nervous system disorders, chiropractic care could help you. 


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