Spokane Valley pot shop offers potent strain of marijuana

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – One of the newest local stores selling recreational marijuana is offering a rare, more potent strain of the drug.

A store in Spokane Valley is offering a form of marijuana with a THC level nearing 32 percent. THC is the chemical in marijuana that stimulates the brain. When you have a form of the drug that has almost double the amount of THC, you could see stronger effects without having to use as much marijuana.

Cinder is the first pot shop in Spokane Valley. Their special product called "God's Gift" is a strain of marijuana grown in Ford, Washington.

"It gives a very strong effect with that and it's actually one of the highest strains I've ever seen," said store owner, Justin Peterson.

It has a THC level of 31.8 percent. Most strains of marijuana have 18 to 24 percent. The product has been their number one seller in the first few days Cinder has been open. The strain runs $22 a gram, which means it could be a better buy for some customers.

Most of the weed available at Cinder is between $18 and $24. Staff said strains with a high THC level is sometimes as high as $31.

"They don't have to smoke as much or inhale as much, with less inhalation, they can get a better benefit," said Peterson.

Cinder said they have a steady supply of marijuana. Owners said they have also been noticing the price start to drop slowly as more processors get in the business.


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