Gloves or no gloves? SPS clinic sparks online debate

SPOKANE, Wash.— Online outrage took a unexpected turn Monday when the Spokane Public School District threatened to pull 900 kids from class for violating vaccine laws.

Originally, people commenting online were upset because of SPSD's stance on students who did not comply with Washington State law regarding immunization status. However, by mid-afternoon the agitation on Facebook shifted among KREM 2 News viewers who took exception to how the free vaccines were being administered.

The SPSD opened a free vaccination clinic Monday at Rogers High School so students could get caught up on their vaccinations.

Video featured on KREM 2's Facebook page showed a worker from the Spokane Regional Health District at the vaccination clinic giving a shot to a young boy. The video sparked a new online debate because the nurse featured was not wearing gloves.

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Dozens of KREM 2 News viewers wrote in demanding to know why the woman was glove-less.

"You are always supposed to wear gloves! It's part of the PPE," wrote Jacquie Erickson.

"Any time you promote exposure to any body fluid you should be wearing gloves! It's taught in school and it's common sense," added Sheryl Martin.

Viewers asked, so KREM 2 News answered and checked with the Spokane Public School District on Tuesday.

SPSD leaders stated that the clinic workers, just like the one featured in the vaccination clinic video follow standards set by Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

In short: "Gloves are not required to be worn when giving an injection as long as hand contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials is not reasonably anticipated," according to OSHA standard number 1920.1030.

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