Dangerous parasite showing up in sushi and raw fish

Parasite issue popping up with raw fish and sushi

A dangerous parasite that can be consumed with raw fish and sushi, leading to sickness in humans, is now showing up in the United States.

It's called Anisakiasis, described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a parasitic disease caused by worms that attach to the wall of the esophagus, stomach, or intestine. The best ways prevent it is to avoid eating raw or undercooked fish or squid.

Anisakiasis is normally found in Japan and other countries where raw fish is consumed. But more cases are appearing in Western countries.

According to a report in BMJ Case Reports, a previously healthy 32-year-old man was recently admitted to the hospital with severe upper abdominal pain, vomiting, and low-grade fever. After an exam and interview, it was discovered he recently ate sushi. Further exams showed a parasite attached to his intestine with the end of it extending into the man's stomach.

Doctors removed it with a Roth net, and the symptoms subsided immediately.

Anisakiasis cannot be transmitted from human to human.

The simplest way to prevent Anisakiasis is to not eat raw or undercooked fish or squid. The FDA recommends the following for seafood preparation or storage to kill parasites.

Cooking (Seafood in General)

Cook seafood adequately (to an internal temperature of at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit

Freezing (Fish)

At -4 degrees Fahrenheit or below for 7 days (total time), or

At -31°F degrees Fahrenheit or below until solid, and storing at -31 degrees Fahrenheit or below for 15 hours, or

At -31 degrees Fahrenheit or below until solid and storing at -4 degrees Fahrenheit or below for 24 hours

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