Got a hangover? Some claim rehydration drink is ultimate cure


by Marvin Hurst / KENS 5

Posted on November 4, 2013 at 8:58 AM

LOS ANGELES -- Five entrepreneurs in Los Angeles claim they've developed the ultimate hangover cure. Two of them are from San Antonio's Trinity University.

But is it really the remedy for the ultimate plague for partying beyond your limits? The inventors and investors of Liquid I.V. say absolutely.

"This has been tested by ourselves and others," Trinity alum Cory Garrett said. "We also use oral rehydration therapy, which is a combination of electrolytes not only to rehydrate but to replenish."

Liquid I.V. was developed in 2012 by Cameron Kileen, Hayden Fulston, and Brandon Cohen. Garrett and Osas Obaiza invested and remain in the company's upper brass.

The beverage alleges to be a premium all-natural rehydration drink. While marketed as a hangover cure, the developers say it also works for colds and flus and as a sports drink.

"We're not just focused on the hangover solely," Obaiza said. "You can drink it after sports. You can drink it when you wake up and you've been hydrated."

He said it replenishes the vitamins your body lacks.

The company is based in Los Angeles but pours its so-called cure all across the country. In fact, their demographic is young, active consumers.

"I think what we promote is sort of an idea of living it up," Garrett said."We have this message behind it that you should work hard, play hard, live hard -- but all of that is done responsibly."

As the Liquid I.V. dreamers stare at their wall of success, Brandon Black deals with the reality of over-drinking customers. Hangovers in the bar business are all too common. If you need a reminder on the affects:

"You'll wake up and you'll have the worst headache of your life," Black said. "You open your eyes and you have to close them immediately because the light just hurts."

He said wearing sunglasses all day is the norm.

Hangover cure? Dr. Andrew Muck says all medical knowledge points to not drinking as the ultimate cure to hangovers.

"Just like we don't have a good treatment for the common cold, we also don't have a good treatment for hangovers," Muck said.

The emergency room physician at University Hospital said people swear by pickle and pear juice as well as menudo. The soup he says is fluid and food. That's a part of the mix of resting, eating and drinking something beyond alcohol.

He said hydration between drinks is the key. That's "if" you plan to be overserved. Eating during your fun time drinking is also a good thing.

Liquid I.V. alleges to be better than Gatorade. It comes in powder packets and liquid at