Some local stores pull jerky treats linked to dog deaths



Posted on October 24, 2013 at 6:01 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Some local stores are pulling jerky dogs treats from their shelves after hundred of pets allegedly died after eating them.

The Food and Drug Administration asked pet owners and veterinarians to help figure out why the treats have been killing pets. Investigators have not been able to determine what is causing the deaths.

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KREM 2 News spoke with four different retailers that sell pet food. One of those stores has already pulled the jerky treats from shelves, even though the FDA has not issued an official recall.

The assistant manager of Northwest Seed and Pet on North Division said pulling the product from the shelf was one of the first things he did Thursday morning.

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“I’m looking at the big picture and say if I’m not feeding it my dog, I’m not selling it out of the store,” said Assistant Manager, Cory Epley.

Petco said it has not pulled any of its current jerky products because the FDA has not made the recommendation but they said they carry U.S. made treats for customers who have concerns.

Petsmart has responded the same way.

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Costco’s corporate office in Western Washington said it stands behind its product even though it does come from China.

Reports show 3,600 dogs have become sick in the U.S. since 2007 with jerky related illnesses and 600 pets have died. Most of the jerky products were made in China.

The FDA had not recalled any specific product because it said it has not determined a definitive cause.