Deployed father meets his newborn triplets



Posted on July 16, 2013 at 6:11 PM

Updated Monday, Jul 22 at 9:59 AM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Senior Airman Harley Wicks ended a six month deployment to Afghanistan Monday evening by meeting three new additions to his family. Harley held his newborn triplets for the first time Monday after landing at Spokane International Airport.

SLIDESHOW: Photos of the Wicks’ homecoming

Amber Wicks waited six-and-a-half months for her husband to return from the Middle East. Amber gave birth to triplets just after her husband was deployed.

“He missed the big ultrasound when we found out what we were having,” Amber said.

Time seemed to slow in the final moments before the family was reunited.

“These last few minutes feel like forever. . . . I’m about to cry. It’s overwhelming,” Amber said.

But Senior Airman Wicks arrived and met his children for the very first time.

“She’s been fussy all day,” Amber said after the introduction, “but now she’s smiling.”

Her husband knows the moment signals a big shift in his life.

“Trying to take care of three at once . . .” he said. “It’s a challenge I’m looking forward to.”

The Wicks family said they plan to spend the next two weeks in the Spokane area where Amber has been staying with her parents. They plan to head back to base in Little Rock, Arkansas to continue life as a new family.

Harley’s wife gave birth in May. Amber Wicks said she moved to Spokane while her husband was deployed to be closer to family while she was pregnant.