VERIFY: No, Matthew McConaughey did not visit Moscow, Idaho and have lunch

We checked to see if Mcconaughey was actually in Moscow today.

MOSCOW, Idaho - A popular article is circulating on the web that movie star Matthew McConaughey was passing through Moscow and ran into some car trouble. The article said he was about to pull over when two guys stop to help him, call their cousin who owns a tow truck and take him out to lunch, all without knowing who he is.

Unfortunately, none of it is true. 

To start, the website reporting this charming exchange in the Idaho Panhandle is KIPN 14 News. KIPN is not a real TV or radio station, nor is it run by any sort of newspaper. In fact, the website has a disclaimer on it that says the site is "composed mostly of articles containing satire." 

Despite all this, KREM 2 double checked that there was no possible way McConaughey had passed through Moscow.

We spoke to his publicist, Nicole Perez, who said the actor is presently "shooting near Africa" and the KIPN article is not correct. 

KREM 2 also spoke with the Moscow City Supervisor, Gary Riedner, who said he has not heard from anyone that Matthew McConaughey was in town.

In the debunked article, McConaughey was falsely quoted as saying the people who helped him in Moscow were the "nicest people in the world" and "there just aren't that many places like this anymore." He was also incorrectly quoted as saying "Someday, I'm going to retire and I'm moving to Moscow, Idaho!"

"I did not see him myself," laughed Riedner. "I sure wish he came here and said all those nice things about Moscow though."

In fact, a similar website labeled Local 31 News published an article earlier this year that said Adam Levine had stopped for a burger at the Thrifty Scotsman in Spokane Valley after experiencing car trouble (he didn't.)


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