Spokane man recovering after getting stabbed 19 times


by KREM.com & Honora Swanson


Posted on February 5, 2013 at 11:24 PM

Updated Sunday, Nov 24 at 6:40 AM

SPOKANE -- A man stabbed 19 times in North Spokane spoke out for the first time about what happened two weeks ago.

Tim Schultz finally left the hospital, but he is still using a walker to get around.

Police said two weeks ago, Joel Arevlo stabbed Schultz, his stepfather, but they have yet to release a motive.

Schultz said Arevlo suffers from mental issues and a drug problem, and had threatened him earlier in the day. He said there is bad blood between the two.

A bad feeling washed over Schultz two weeks ago when Arevlo suddenly appeared while Schultz was walking to the store to buy a pop.

Schultz said Arevlo suddenly attacked him, stabbing him a total of 19 times in the chest, neck, back and sides. He tried to grab his step-son and hold him down until police could get there, but Arevlo got away.

The 51-year-old said his body when into shock and he did not feel getting stabbed over and over again.

He said he almost died in the hospital, but doctors were able to bring him back.

Schultz had more 100 staples removed from his body, and he has to clean his wounds daily.

Arevlo remained on the run until two days later when police arrested him in a second stabbing attack. The other victim, the suspect’s step-grandfather, was also hospitalized.

Arevlo was booked into the Spokane County Jail, where he remains.