Intruder breaks down door, flashes gun, leaves with nothing


by & Othello Richards

Posted on January 2, 2013 at 3:39 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 25 at 4:14 PM

SPOKANE -- Dennis Michelbook is working to get his front door fixed after someone kicked it in to break into his home early Wednesday morning.

Dennis Michelbook lives with a roommate at a house on the corner of Cook and Hartson on the South Hill. Both were home asleep at 4:00 a.m. when a man dressed in black with a scarf over his face forced his way into the house.

The noise of the man kicking in the door and running upstairs woke both people up and startled the dog.

Michelbook said his roommate has a curtain instead of a door leading into her room. He said the robber pulled back the curtain, showed her a gun, and told her to ‘stay down’.
The intruder then moved to Michelbook’s room and flipped on his bedroom light. Michelbook grabbed a long piece of wood and yelled at the man to ‘get out’.

Michelbook said when he repeated the demand and hit the ground with his stick, the intruder ran away.

Officers came to investigate and found a bullet that had dropped onto the stairs. The intruder never fired a shot and he did not steal anything. Police patrolled the area, and used a K9 to track the man down, but they did not find anything.

Michelbook said he does not know why the man broke into his house, or what he was looking for.

“I'm just frightened.  I don't want to go anywhere. I don't know if he's after us or if he's just trying to find something to steal. I don't understand what he was here for at all,” he said.

Investigators encouraged neighbors who notice anything suspicious to call authorities.