Man breaks into home with rock climbing hammer to threaten victim

SPOKANE, Wash. --- A man broke into an apartment early in the morning with a hammer and chain to threaten one of the residents.

Richard Burt, 49, is facing first degree burglary charges after he allegedly burst into another man’s home at 4 a.m. on Sept. 21, armed, and threatening the man who lives there.

The victim, Jerome Barrington, said Burt opened his front door and walked in without his permission, saying something to the effect of “you’re all mother [expletive], I’m going to kick all of your asses.” Barrington said he was able to take the hammer and chain away from him and pushed him out the door.

Barrington said about 30 minutes later, Burt returned to the apartment with a sledgehammer and hit the front door of the apartment three times.

Another witness, one of Barrington’s roommates, said Barrington had to wrestle Burt to get him to leave, and the sledgehammer had done serious damage to their front door.

As of Thursday afternoon, Burt was being held in Spokane County Jail being on $6,000 bond.

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