Thieves steal 9 yr. old burn victim's donation jar at Zip's


by & Othello Richards

Posted on November 3, 2011 at 6:43 PM

Updated Friday, Nov 22 at 9:04 PM

SPOKANE-- Fundraising efforts to help a Spokane girl who accidently lit herself on fire came to a halt this week at a downtown zip's drive-in fast food restaurant.
Two thieves stole a can of money in which people had been dropping donations, but the whole thing is caught on tape.

The last two months a donation can sat on the front counter. The money collected was meant for nine-year-old Blaze Ervin.  

Last July she received second and third degree burns to almost half her body while playing with a lighter.

The manager tells us he came in Monday and noticed the fund jar was missing

They waited for the employees and customers to vanish.

The surveillance footage shows that a little after seven o'clock Sunday evening a man walks up to the counter and places an order.  A couple minutes later you see him checking out blaze's fund can.

He lays his head down next to it.
The customer eventually gets his food, walks out of frame, sits down and eats.

About fifteen minutes later a woman gets something to drink. A little later she stands there with the cup eyeing the can. 
The woman approaches the counter, the man walks up, she slides him the can, he walks away and she eventually follows.

By showing us the video the manager says he’s hoping to bring some awareness to the public and police about these two.