Carjacking victim claims he was held at gunpoint



Posted on November 18, 2013 at 8:00 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 18 at 8:00 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--A man who was the victim of an attempted carjacking Sunday night told KREM 2 News about his terrifying story.

It happened just after 11:00 p.m. in North Spokane. The victim had just pulled up to a friend’s house when a masked man came at him and put a gun to his head.
The victim said he was sure he was going to die. He said all he could think about were his loved ones as the suspects shoved the barrel of the gun repeatedly into his temple. He said it is nothing short of a miracle that he got away.

“Your whole life flashes before your eyes. It felt like hours but it was mere minutes,” said Joseph Bettencourt.

Bettencourt was headed to play video games with his friends. Two men approached him and asked him for cigarettes and when he said no, things turned violent.   

“When one of them pulled out a pistol and put it to my head…The only thing I could think of was my friends, my family,” said Bettencourt.

Bettencourt said the men identified as Bobby Owens and Kenneth Lewis demanded that he drive them away from the scene. Bettencourt said he refused and then the threats escalated.

“He told me he was going to kill me. He said he was going to shoot me. He said it several times. He cocked the gun. They persisted to look in my pockets for my keys,” said Bettencourt.

Bettencourt said he saw a chance to break free.

“Then that's when he pulled the gun away from my head and put it against my gut. That's when I tried to disarm him. I was lucky enough to get away, scramble,” said Bettencourt.

The neighborhood was swarmed with police minutes later. Both men were arrested shortly after.

Bettencourt said he is still looking over his should even with them locked up.

“I don't wish that upon anybody,” said Bettencourt.

One of the suspects actually approached Bettencourt when he was speaking with police and told officers he tried to chase off the suspects. No one bought that. The men did get Bettencourt’s phone, but he was given it back Monday night.