Former landlord says human trafficking victim admitted to being prostitute


by Honora Swanson &

Posted on May 25, 2012 at 4:43 PM

Updated Friday, May 25 at 6:22 PM

SPOKANE-- Four people sit behind bars in connection with a reported human trafficking case in Spokane County.

One of the suspects, as well as a woman who claims to know the alleged victim, say the woman’s claims are unfounded.

Christopher Foster says she is lying and claims the woman is getting back at him and the three other arrested suspects for trying to get her off drugs.

“She’s upset and wants to get payback. We made her realize [she] can’t stay clean and lost her kid. And where are you now? Hanging out on the east side with a bunch of junkies,” Foster said.

Foster was living in the house where the woman says she was held captive with the three other suspects. He denies ever driving her to motels to force her to have sex.

As KREM tried to get more answers, Foster refused to finish the interview.

He currently faces charges for human trafficking, although a woman who claims to know the alleged victim says Foster is not guilty.

Alice Schroeder and her husband made extra money by renting out rooms in their house. Schroeder calls the woman her former tenant.  She says the woman and her son were living with her until the end of March.  Schroeder says while the young woman was out, her and her husband would watch the toddler.

She says when the 21-year-old woman stayed in her home; the alleged victim confided in her that she willingly had sex for money.  She also claims the woman has mental and health problems.

Schroeder says innocent people now sit in jail for a crime that never happened.

“We got someone sitting in jail right now, and it’s not true,” she said.

The alleged victim claims she saw four or five other women at the house on E. Nora in Spokane Valley, where the suspects reportedly kept her. The woman says she saw them just days ago, and they were all around 18-year-old.

Detectives say no other victims have come forward, but they are continuing to investigate the information.