Strandberg pleads guilty to killing woman with crossbow for sexual gratification



Posted on August 1, 2011 at 2:46 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 30 at 3:13 AM

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SPOKANE -- Cole Strandberg pleaded guilty on Friday in Spokane County Superior court to killing a woman with a crossbow in January 2008.

Court documents include Strandberg's guilty statement:

“On or about January 7, 2008, in the State of Washington, with premeditated intent, I did intentionally cause the death of Jennifer Bergeron by shooting her in the head with a crossbow arrow. I killed her to aid me in the commission of further acts against her body for the purpose of my own sexual gratification.”

Strandberg’s sentencing is set for September 12th.

Read the entire court document here.

Strandberg is charged with murdering Jennifer Bergeron, 22, who was strangled with a leather belt and shot in the head with a crossbow in January 2008.

Strandberg was arrested at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Emergency room doctors called police after they say Strandberg told them: "I have a dead body, it's a girl." Officers say Strandberg's clothes and shoes were covered in blood. Eventually, Strandberg gave authorization for police to search his apartment.

In addition to the victim and murder weapons, police also found "numerous writing" throughout the apartment. One of these writings was titled "Plan", which "contained elements consistent with the crime scene.”