Spokane case involves, suspicious death, identity theft, arson, stabbing, and shooting


by Katie Utehs & KREM.com


Posted on April 19, 2012 at 5:11 PM

Updated Thursday, Apr 19 at 5:17 PM

SPOKANE-- Spokane County Detectives have been investigating a suspicious death for over two years that involves identity theft, arson, a stabbing and a shooting.

After the alleged suicide things starting getting weird, starting with a suicide letter postmarked after the death, and possibly signed by another person.

The man's friends say this case is a homicide.

Terry Jerue says his friend Christopher Holifield died of an insulin overdose.  It happened in October of 2010 and was originally deemed a suicide. 

Spokane County Detectives say one of the many reasons that the death is suspicious is due to the high levels of insulin in the victim's body.

There was so much insulin that it couldn't be measured by the Medical Examiner.

Things took a strange turn. "The suicide note that was mailed out of Spokane three days after the fact of Christopher’s demise." Jerue said the typed note was not signed by Christopher. "The handwriting did not match or the way Christopher signs his name. He never went by Chris. It was always Christopher."

Since the death, their third roommate, who found Christopher’s body, has had multiple encounters with detectives.

In November he was the victim of a stabbing. In April of the next year he was the victim of a shooting. Investigators say that both injuries sustained in those reports by Ashley Hunters could have been self inflicted.

On top of that, hunters' pleaded guilty to stealing Jerue's identity, ringing up $40,000 in credit card bills. He's also being investigated for arson.

Detectives have not named hunters a suspect, but have seized computers he used.

They’re looking for materials related to insulin overdose, diabetes or anything related to the suicide note.

Jerue believes he's currently living in Houston Texas.