Whitman Co. man serving five years for meth related death




Posted on August 30, 2013 at 3:43 PM

Updated Friday, Aug 30 at 8:01 PM

WHITMAN COUNTY, Wash. -- A judge sentenced a man who dumped a teenager’s body after he overdosed on methamphetamine to more than five year (68 months) on Friday.

"Your honor, what happened was completely inexcusable," Bobby Bilderback said in court. "There are things that happened. Clearly I have a drug problem."

Bobby Bilderback pleaded guilty on Monday in Whitman County to controlled substance homicide and unlawful disposal of remains. He admitted his actions caused the death of Donavin Stapert in March.

Bilderback said, during his trial, that his actions were inexcusable and he apologized about what happened to the victim, Donavin Stapert, 17.

Bilderback's attorney said that it was difficult for the case to even go to trial because all of the witnesses were allegedly high on meth.

Bilderback was arrested with James Ramson and Chastity Bilderback back in March. They also face charges in connection to Stapert’s death. 

A witness said that Stapert died on March 6th according to court documents. The files said Stapert passed out in a hot tub after eating meth. Witnesses said Stapert was then dragged up to a bedroom where he later died. Documents say they then put Stapert’s body in a large safe.

"It's obviously something I need to stay away from...it affected my thinking. I'm sorry for what happened to Jason. I really am," said Bilderback, referring to Donavin's father, Jason Stapert.

Bilderback asked the judge for an alternate sentence for drug offenders so he can get rehab.

Donavin's father Jason Stapert said he was at the home the night his son overdosed. He denied doing drugs and said he had fallen asleep. He said he was unaware of his son overdosing.

Bilderback has a previous murder conviction from just over 20 years ago.