Deputies:Thieves kick skate shop employee while trying to escape



Posted on February 24, 2014 at 2:54 PM

Updated Monday, Feb 24 at 7:21 PM

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. -- Authorities arrested two people for stealing from a North Spokane skate shop on February 17.

Deputies were called to Let it Ride on E. Hastings Road February 17. An employee said a man and woman walked into the store and started shopping. Then, the woman went into a dressing room and put merchandise in her purse.

Security cameras caught the entire scene.

The employee said he confronted the woman about the items. The employee tried to stop her, but she kicked him in the hip. The man and woman left in a red Chevrolet Blazer. Officials said surveillance video shows the woman putting items in her purse and the man stealing a beanie.

The owner of Let it Ride was hit by a car and has been on crutches for a few months. Paul Jones said that is why he thinks the thieves targeted him.    

“I'm a small business owner, I work really hard for everything that's in here,” said Jones.

Security footage shows a man walking into the store, immediately followed by a woman.

“They get you busy, they get you where you aren't looking. You turn your back on them and they nail ya,” said Jones.

Jones said he grew suspicious of the woman when he noticed her bulging purse and some empty hangers.

“I look in her bag and I see my hoodie I know that she had. I was watching her,” said Jones.

Jones said he confronted the woman as she headed out.

“I said ‘just come back in’, I still had my hand in purse, ‘give my stuff and I'll let you go’,” said Jones.

Surveillance video shows the scene turns violent.

“She squares up on me and kicks me bam,” said Jones.

On Thursday, February 20, a deputy spotted a red blazer at the Apple Tree Inn and stopped it as it left the hotel.

John Peterson, 27, was driving and was arrested for outstanding felony warrants. Authorities said he had one $10 and two $20 counterfeit bills and a fake Oregon driver’s license.

The woman suspected of stealing, Stephanie Meyers, 24, was arrested with another man while exiting the Apple Tree Inn. Both were booked into jail on outstanding warrants as well.

Peterson admitted to stealing the beanie and said another man had printed the fake money. Meyers admitted to stealing merchandise but denied assaulting the employee.

Both Meyers and Peterson have since been arrested for 2nd Degree Robbery. The counterfeit investigation has been turned over to the Secret Service.