Man admits to shooting half-brother for beating their mother



Posted on October 23, 2013 at 5:03 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 24 at 10:11 AM

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash.--A fight between two half-brothers in the Spokane Valley Tuesday night ended with a deadly shooting.    

The fatal shooting happened near 31st and Collins across from University High school.

Police said Ryan Ames and David McCarthy got into an argument at home. Ames fired one round from a shotgun and shot McCarthy in the stomach according to investigators. McCarthy later died at the hospital.

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Witnesses of the shooting claim McCarthy was threatening to slit the throats of family members according to court documents. Detectives are charging Ames with second-degree murder for shooting him in the stomach and for allegedly saying McCarthy got what he deserved.

A neighbor and lifelong friend said Ames is not a murderer.

“Good kid, very good kid. Respectful. Very respectful,” said neighbor Gloria Green.

Green has lived across from the family for many years and said McCarthy had been tormenting the family. Ames and Green both said McCarthy beat his mother.

“They've asked him to stay away, put restraining orders on him,” said Green.

Ames told Major Crimes detectives the family had been trying to cut ties with McCarthy for years because of his violent behavior. Ames also told detectives he asked his brother to leave Tuesday when he showed up to his parent’s house. McCarthy walked into the grassy area west of the residence and slowly walked toward Ames while smiling according to court documents.

Ames told detectives when McCarthy was four to six feet away he fired a single shot.

Green said Ames’ actions were out of self defense.

“Because he was threatening them. He was talking about slitting his brothers and his mom's throat yesterday when he was hollering out there,” said Green.

Court documents state Ames admitted to detectives that he told his dying brother, ‘you got what you deserved.’

Detectives said Ames was cooperative throughout the investigation. Ames was the one to call 911 after the shooting.