Man accused of child assault: 'They just don’t listen, so I make them'


Posted on August 23, 2012 at 6:06 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 30 at 8:06 AM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- A Spokane man faced a judge Thursday accused of assaulting 3 children.

Jeremy McCroskey, 28, is accused of beating his son and his two step children.

In one incident McCroskey is accused of getting angry with his 4-year-old son for urinating himself. McCroskey allegedly grabbed a large stick with a nail hanging out of it and hit the boy in the face.

McCroskey’s wife said on August 17th she came home to find 2 of the boys laying face down on the floor in a “time out.” One of the boys told her “daddy hit me.” The mother noticed a large knot on the right side of one of the boy’s forehead and noticed he was bleeding from the nose and mouth area.

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The boy’s mother had to leave for work that evening, but she received a call from McCroskey around 6:24 p.m. stating he left the kids alone in the house. Court documents say she rushed home and called 911. The boy’s mother stated to police that McCroskey was very assaultive and repeatedly hit the children and had hit and strangled her.

When officers arrived on scene they noted countless injuries to the 4-year-old boy including fresh and old bruises. The officer also noted marks seemingly made from a stick or belt as well as a fresh injury to his head. “(The boy) had bruises all over his little tummy and back. It appeared as though he had been beaten over and over. His right shoulder was bruised, his right ear had bruising and cuts, and his entire right arm, from shoulder to hand, was severely bruised."

Officers noted that the other boy had a large knot on the right side of his forehead the size of an acorn and several little cuts on his nose and upper lip consistent with a belt buckle.

Officers found a long stick with a sharp nail sticking out of one end and a belt with a large heavy buckle. Police noted that both were capable of producing substantial bodily harm.

When asked by police how the children’s injuries came to be, McCroskey stated, “They just don’t listen, so I make them.”

McCroskey told police he hits the children until his hands hurt, then he chooses to use a belt to hit them.

Police noted that during their entire interaction with McCroskey he showed no remorse. It was his opinion that at no time did he do anything wrong, to include leaving the children alone by themselves.

McCroskey was arrested for 1st degree assault of a child and 2nd degree assault of a child. He was in jail Thursday on $100,000 bond.