Lower South Hill stand-off draws scrutiny for heavy police response




Posted on March 31, 2014 at 6:50 PM

Updated Tuesday, Apr 1 at 10:57 AM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- A massive police response to a Lower South Hill neighborhood drew scrutiny from neighbors. 

A dozen officers were searching for Timothy Jacobs Sunday. He is accused of stabbing a woman he knew multiple times in the leg and was able to escape police.

Neighbors wondered if this was the best use of their tax dollars. Police Department leaders said it was necessary and the call did not cost taxpayers extra money.

Nancy Rohrig said she was surprised to see the large police response outside her neighbor’s home Sunday morning. When she heard the suspect was able to escape, her surprise turned to concern.  She told KREM 2 News she felt resources could have been better spent patrolling.

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“Too many cops on something that was minor. In the meantime, you’re on your own battling someone who broke into your car,” said Rohrig.

KREM 2 went to department leaders who said their response was appropriate.  Jacobs was accused of being violent and was allegedly armed with a knife.

“If that was my home, I’d want that number of officers protecting my neighborhood, my community, my home,” said Monique Cotton of the Spokane Police Department.

Department leaders said they have been making more conscious decisions when it comes to man power and spending tax dollars wisely.

They said they did not call SWAT out to the scene and handled it with officers who were already on patrol, meaning taxpayers did not pay a dime.

“We evaluate every single situation. If large or extra resources are required we are obligated to bring people in to effectively respond to a community concern,” said Cotton.

Department leaders said high priority calls are always their first priority.

Authorities said Jacobs was still wanted on Monday and asked anyone who sees him to notify authorities.