Judge sentences former Shadle Park teacher for sex with student




Posted on December 9, 2013 at 4:43 PM

Updated Monday, Dec 9 at 7:40 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.-- A judge sentenced a former Shadle Park High School teacher to 90 days in jail Monday.

Ryan Murphy was given credit for time-served on his sentence for having sex with a 16-year-old student. The judge also ordered Murphy to pay for his victim’s counseling.  Murphy was also ordered to have no contact with his victim for five years.

On Monday, Murphy pleaded guilty to third-degree assault for having sex with a student. The guilty plea was part of a deal with prosecutors.  Murphy is considered low-risk to reoffend according to a recent evaluation.

Prosecutors said the relationship began when the girl was 16-years-old. The age of consent in Washington is 16. Yet, prosecutors maintained that it was a crime since Murphy was a teacher.

The victim said her relationship with Murphy has brought many difficulties to her life. She said it felt like this process was never ending. Murphy took great pride in bending the rules and getting away with whatever he could, according to the victim.

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“He is a 40 something school teacher who exploited me for his own pleasure," stated the victim. "Mr. Murphy needs to be fully punished for having sex with me on multiple occassions when I could not give true consent."

She asked for a strict no contact order. The victim added that she wishes to never communicate with Murphy again.

"Words can barely scratch the surface. I have no respect for him, using our baby daughter for his own gratification," said the victim's mother.

The victim’s mother stated that Murphy was warned repeatedly to stay away from her daughter. She claimed that another coach even said "stay away she's just a girl."

Murphy even allegedly stalked the victim as she went on to college according to prosecutors. The victim's mom said he preyed on her daughter freshman through senior year.

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Lawyers for Murphy said he was not the victim’s teacher or coach during the sex. Murphy worked as an English teacher and a track coach at the time of his alleged misconduct with a student. He said police reports show this was consensual. Murphy eventually forfeited his teaching certificate and sought treatment according to his lawyer.

“"This is an embarrassing and humiliating process. He has been disgraced. Gone through a divorce," said Murphy’s lawyer.

Murphy told the courtroom that he is deeply remorseful. He said he came to court to take responsibility and then tearfully apologized.  Murphy added that he deeply regrets hurting his victim. He said he hopes he did not hinder her bright future.

"To my friends and my family and especially my victim I am truly sorry," said Murphy.

In November, Murphy pleaded guilty to Fourth Degree Assault with Sexual Motivation for his alleged involvement with the underage student. Prosecutors said he bit the bottom of one of his students.

Murphy will be able to surrender himself to the Spokane County Jail. Murphy will be sentenced for biting the other student's bottom at a later time.