Girlfriend of local Hells Angel may have helped hide a Spokane murder


by & Katie Utehs

Posted on October 10, 2011 at 3:35 PM

Updated Monday, Oct 10 at 5:57 PM

SPOKANE-- Police say the girlfriend of a prominent Hell’s Angel member may have helped try to hide a murder.

Taylor Wolf, Breanna and Justice Simms are all behind bars as suspects in the murder of Nicholas Thoreson.
Now police say Britney Bjork may have helped the suspects try to cover-up the murder.
Police have cell phone records and recorded jail conversations linking Bjork to the main suspect Taylor Wolf.
Wolf was living at Bjork and Ricky Jenks apartment while Jenks was in jail on an unrelated case.

Police say Taylor Wolf, Justice and Breanna Simms killed Nicholas Thoreson then tried to burn his body and have now named more people involved.

Court records say Britney Bjork may have helped the three suspects light the car on fire then flee the scene of Biglow Gulch and Forker Road.

After police arrested Wolf they recorded phone conversations he had with Bjork from jail.

He said “I was gonna shoot him, I couldn't do it so me and Justice did it together.”

Bjork then told Taylor to be quiet.

Police warrants revealed nearly 60 calls were made between Taylor and Bjork's phones