Former EWU football player sentenced for assault



Posted on February 21, 2013 at 4:36 PM

Updated Thursday, Feb 21 at 4:38 PM

CHENEY, Wash.--- The Eastern Washington University football player accused of rape plead guilty Wednesday to second degree assault. 

Dalis Burce ws sentenced to 9 months and will have a restitution hearing on September 1.

EWU announced back in August that Bruce was suspended from the athletic program pending investigation into a sexual assault arrest. Bruce faces charges of second degree rape and residential burglary.

Court documents say the incident took place in Pearce Hall, right behind Roos Field.

Saturday night, the 17-year-old victim and three friends drank a large bottle of vodka according to court documents. The victim became intoxicated, and witnesses said she started vomiting, collapsed and passed out.

Friends put her in bed according to witnesses. Bruce allegedly entered the victim's room, found her unconscious, removed her clothes from waist down, and had sex with her.
The victim’s friends claimed she was unconscious until after the assault took place.

Witnesses say they interrupted Bruce having sex with the unconscious girl, and told him to leave.

Officers found the victim on the bed and unresponsive. Officers shook her several times to get a response. Officers gave the victim a preliminary breath test around 7 a.m. and she registered at .080.

The victim gave police the suspect name of "Dalis" and said she did not remember what happened.

Bruce said he met the victim through friends earlier that day. Bruce originally denied seeing her asleep in her room but later admitted he found her asleep sometime after midnight. Bruce stated that he assumed she was drunk because she was asleep and admitted to fondling the victim, but claimed he did so with her assistance. Bruce also admitted to having sex with the victim and claimed they did not talk to each other the entire time.

Bruce posted $25,000 bail and was released.

Eastern officials said in a press release they will follow the standard practices for student discipline, conducting a thorough review. 

University officials said they respond to reports of criminal incidents with student disciplinary interventions to ensure campus safety as well as the rights of the accused.

The administration is receiving regular updates about the developments in this case. The campus cannot divulge individual information about Bruce.