Duo scams former employer, steals motorcycles worth $25k




Posted on July 23, 2014 at 9:17 AM

SPOKANE, Wash.--  The owner of Travel-On Park & Sell in east Spokane said two former employees used inside knowledge to break into the  RV park in July and make-off with thousands of dollars in stolen items.  

The business owner, Rob Schrader, said the thieves disabled the camera system and took four motorcycles, costing $25,000.  

“They knew exactly where to go,” he said. “I mean the time stamp on the cameras was 12:07, they were disabled by 12:10.”

Schrader recognized two of the men in the security footage as former employees. One of them worked at Travel-On Park & Sell for a few months; the other lasted only a week and quit a few days before the break-in.

“I believe he was casing us,” Schrader said. “He was basically just working here to get to us.”

The former employees and suspects are listed as Defendant Langford and Defendant Kratz in court documents.  Langford and Kratz bragged about scamming other business owners the same way in the past according to records.

“It breaks our hearts,” Schrader said. “Especially a former employee we tried hard to help out however we could.”

Staff members said they were able to track down some of the stolen bikes at a spot the former employees were known to hang-out at.

“We are repo guys,” Schrader said “We know how to do this job and recover stuff, so that’s what we did.”

Authorities said Langford was taken to jail, but Kratz was still on the loose as of Tuesday evening.