Spokane Police optimistic on finding McGill homicide suspect


by Katie Utehs & KREM.com


Posted on May 9, 2012 at 12:52 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 9 at 5:22 PM

SPOKANE-- Spokane Police say they have compiled a list of names of possible suspects connected to the stabbing death of a Spokane woman.

Officers said Sharlotte McGill was walking her dog on May 3rd when a man jumped out of the bushes, stabbed her several times and fled.  McGill was taken to the hospital and rushed into surgery. She died later that afternoon.

The Spokane Police Department says they're working to narrow down a list of people who could be connected to the Sharlotte McGill homicide.

At this point detective are narrowing down a list of a few douzen people who match the vague description given by the victim. Detectives are anxiously awaiting DNA testing from the crime lab.

Patrol officers and detectives are attempting to contact those individuals to determine if they had any involvement with this crime.  We are working step by step to eliminate any possible persons of interest.

Sharlotte McGill gave a vague description of a black man in his 30's who has a bad eye as her attacker.

Investigators are working to narrow a large field of potential suspects.

Major Craig Meidl says the police department is making headway and the investigation is still full force. "We’re no where near scaling back."

He says they may get DNA results back from the state crime lab within the next several weeks but it is a lengthy process.

McGill’s clothing was sent in but, Meidl won't elaborate on other evidence seized from the crime scene. "We will be very careful with what we release."

SPD did release a picture of a car battery. They think the suspect may be stealing items to turn into local recycling centers. Detectives contacted Hap Ahlborn at action recycling. He said they checked with him to see if they had anyone matching the suspect description. He said 2 customers fit the mold.

Surveillance footage was pulled from pacific recycling and steel. Detectives are still going through it.
They’re also trying to isolate prints on some vehicles near where McGill was stabbed.

SPD remains optimistic about catching the person who killed McGill. They want the community to continue to call in tips, but to make sure the person actually fits their suspect description.