Extra Grant Co. deputies assigned to Larson Housing community




Posted on February 21, 2014 at 7:12 PM

Updated Friday, Feb 21 at 7:20 PM

GRANT COUNTY, Wash. -- The Grant County Sherriff held a press conference Friday to express his concern about the recent increase in shootings and gang related activity in the county.

Sheriff Tom Jones talked about the recent gang violence in the Larson Housing area. Neighbors said they are tired of dealing with the violence.

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“Nobody can fight normally. Everyone’s just got to keep shooting everyone. It’s just an ongoing war. It keeps going because they want to get the other guy who shot them and their friends. It’s never going to end,” said resident Ashlee Albert.

Albert said she feels the gang activity has gotten worse. She lives in the Larson housing area where Brandon Mende, 16, was shot and killed February 16. The suspect was arrested Thursday morning.   

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Less than a mile from that incident, police said someone fired six shots at this home off Arlington Drive Thursday night. No one was hurt. Deputies suspect the shooting was gang related.

Sheriff Jones said he is done putting up with gangs.

“I can’t tell you my frustration right now with this. I’m so mad,” said Sheriff Jones.

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He said he is re-assigning more deputies to patrol the Larson community beginning immediately. He said they will contact any suspicious person or vehicle within the confines of the law.

“They are a bunch of thugs and they are interrupting good people that try to work hard for what they live in, for what they own. And they are just coming and putting the fear into everybody,” said Sheriff Jones.

The Sheriff has scheduled a neighborhood town hall meeting next Wednesday evening to address the issue.