Detectives go after Spokane woman’s relentless stalker



Posted on October 3, 2013 at 6:58 PM

Updated Friday, Oct 4 at 5:04 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Detectives filed a search warrant to get cell phone data to find an alleged stalker who has called a Spokane woman for three years. On Thursday, the woman spoke to KREM 2 News about her ordeal.

The woman (who wished to remain anonymous) said a man has been relentlessly stalking and harassing her for three years. She told KREM 2 News that she cannot hear a phone ring without getting chills down her spine.

Detectives said they have filed a search warrant to get cell phone data on all the harassing calls the victim has received. Police hope it will lead to a suspect.

The first phone call she received from her stalker was in December of 2010.

“He appreciated how my hair was that day, thought it looked very nice. I asked who it was, it was very creepy, I asked who it was and he hung up,” said the woman.

She said the man has relentlessly hounded her and has used many phone numbers to do it.

In June 2012, court documents said a man she did not know called her from a payphone. The man called her by name during the conversation. Then, in January 2013 the calls continued from a blocked phone number.

Court documents also said the victim reported that she got calls as she walked from work to her car. She said she felt the person was watching her as she was leaving the building.

“I would get calls in the grocery store, as I left the grocery store, most often it was when I was leaving a building and walking to my car,” said the victim.

The woman said she had changed her number but the stalker tracked down the new number. The stalking escalated in April, when the woman saw the same car following her around town. The victim said she snapped and confronted who she believed to be her stalker.
She said she had never seen him before but knew that he was responsible because he “looked kind of like he’d been caught.”

The victim reported the incident to police but after that day the calls stopped for five months.

The calls began again in late September.

Detectives said they are investigating the stalker is targeting any other local women.