70 mph winds destroy Deer Park Airport hangar




Posted on July 23, 2014 at 8:06 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 24 at 5:32 PM

DEER PARK, Wash.—A summer storm caused between $10,000 and $12,000 worth of damage to planes at the Deer Park Airport along North Cedar Road.  It also ruined an entire hangar.

Winds were clocked at the Deer Park Airport as high as 70 miles-per-hour. The winds also came with thunder, lightning, and hail.

“This is the highest wind speed I've ever seen, and I've been here 70 years,” said Matt Burrows.

The storm hit Deer Park and tore apart one of the airplane hangars, ripping off part of the roof and siding. 

Burrows was ready for an intense storm, but said nothing could have prepared him for how bad it actually was.
“We left to secure aircraft outside,” added Burrows. “My son left the hangar and 50 seconds later we look back and the roof just left.”

The hangar door was also ripped off the building. Destruction scattered for several feet around this hangar.

There were three planes in the hangar when the storm hit according to witnesses. Airport workers figured that all three planes can be repaired. However, the hangar cannot be fixed according to Burrows. He plans to scrap the old hangar and build a new one.

Another plane was severely damaged. It was left overturned in a grassy field. In all, there were seven planes hit by debris. All of those planes have been grounded until they can be inspected.

Deer Park Airport workers estimated it will cost at least $10,000 to repair the private planes.