Whitman County woman recovering from electrical shock from RV


by KREM.com


Posted on April 14, 2014 at 4:43 PM

Updated Monday, Apr 14 at 6:22 PM

WHITMAN COUNTY, Wash.—A woman in Whitman County was recovering from a bad electrical shock from touching the bumper of an RV on Monday. It happened in Farmington, about 25 miles Northeast of Colfax.       

The woman’s friend told KREM 2 News she went back to the doctor Monday for a checkup. The incident happened after she stepped outside of the RV while barefoot.

Blaise Anderson said he sat in the RV Friday night visiting with friends when he heard several screams come from outside.

“First it sounded like it was just frustrated screams and then about the third scream they started to space out and become more frantic of a scream,” said Anderson.

Anderson found his 19-year-old friend lying on the ground with excruciating pain. He said the woman received a powerful electric shock when she touched the RV’s front metal bumper.

An extension cord runs from the RV to the nearby home. KREM 2 News was told the vehicle and power supply did not sit grounded.

“She was barefoot, that's probably why she grounded out the RV herself,” said Anderson.

Anderson said paramedics took his friend to the hospital. He said she felt severe soreness in her feet, right leg and hips.

“I grounded it right here by tying some copper wire to the frame itself and connecting it to a piece of metal that ran into the ground,” said Anderson. “That way this doesn’t happen to anyone again.”

Anderson said his friend should be okay, but doctors told her she may experience pain for some time.

“She was very lucky it was a 110 and not a 220 volt wire connected to this because if it was a 220, she probably would not have lived through this,” said Anderson.