What it costs to keep law enforcement stocked on supplies




Posted on May 17, 2014 at 9:35 AM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- KREM 2 on Your Side is always looking out for where your tax dollars are going.

There are several items taxpayers will pay for to keep your law enforcement agencies stocked up. We compared three items every county deputy needs while out working the streets.

Authorities said they dread ordering body bags but it is a supply they need. The Stevens County Coroner, Patti Hancock said they could never be reused.

“I would cost more money to clean them then to spend 25 to 35 dollars to buy a new one,” said Hancock.

Whitman County spends more money on body bags and Kootenai County gets the best deal. Spokane authorities just ordered 18 for $30 each.

Grant and Spokane County get the best deal on handcuffs. Kootenai County spends about double on their typical pair.

All agencies said their deputies often have the choice to have two pairs and can spend whatever they want if they buy a second option.

Whitman County Sheriff Brett Myers said their price tag might shock some people.

“You need to look at it over the long haul. Although $500 sounds like a really steep amount for a uniform, our jumpsuits will last from five to 10 years,” said Sheriff Myers.

Grant and Stevens County officials said the same thing. Stevens County spends the most dressing their deputies with a jumpsuit just under $600, but that is because they use two-toned suits that cost extra.

Only three Kootenai County deputies wear jump suits. The majority have a traditional two-piece set.

It is important to note that some of these prices are different because of the variation in types of body bags and brands of handcuffs.

All agencies said they always try to have taxpayers' financial interest in mind when shopping for stuff they need to keep you safe.