Video captures sound of gunfire in Post Falls shootout



Posted on June 24, 2014 at 8:28 AM

POST FALLS, Idaho -- Surveillance video from an auto shop appears to have captured the sound of dozens of rounds being fired during a confrontation between a suspect and law enforcement officers over the weekend.

Investigators said Marcus Rael led multiple-agencies on a chase on Interstate 90 Sunday after a traffic stop. Officials said spike strips were put in place but Rael stopped his car and began exchanging gunfire with law enforcement.

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Brian Muthersbaugh, who owns Meineke Auto Care on E. Seltice Way, just about 50 yards away from where the shootout happened, said he went to the shop to see what his cameras captured after learning about the incident.

“I was amazed that anything like this would ever happen in Post Falls, being that I grew up in Portland. Stuff like this happens there often,” said Muthersbaugh.

Muthersbaugh’s video seems to show a law enforcement officer making his way through the shop's parking lot. Moments later, the gunfire starts. The sound of gunfire goes on for close to two minutes, with as many as 40 rounds being fired.

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Muthersbaugh said it was amazing no one got hurt--and even more shocking he caught it on video.

“I guess I'm lucky,” he said. It's not everyday that you catch something like that with automatic weapons going off on tape.”

Muthersbaugh also said he shared the video with law enforcement so they could get an estimate of the number of shots fired.

Tuesday morning, investigators were still trying to determine why the suspect allegedly opened fire on officers.