Tracy Ader's father speaks about the tragedy, his daughter, his grandsons


by Shawn Chitnis &

Posted on February 14, 2012 at 6:20 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 14 at 6:58 PM

SPOKANE-- The death of Dustin Gilman and the ongoing investigation is still only on the back of the minds of Tracy Ader's family.  They are still consumed by the loss of Tracy and her two sons but are slowly starting to talk about their deaths.

KREM 2's Shawn Chitnis spoke with Tracy’s father Tuesday.

Tracy's father mike bates says Dustin Gilman was considered part of the family.

He would have never thought Gilman was capable of killing his daughter and two grandsons. "We met him, he's been to our house, he came up at Halloween to go trick-or-treating in this neighborhood with the kids."

As the investigation continues there are many questions about what happened last week.

Mike says even if those answers do come out it won't mean much. "To know why he did it, I wouldn't get anything out of that. There's no reason good enough."

Even though Dustin had a troubled past, Mike says he was a quiet guy who seemed like a typical 22-year-old. "You would never imagine that evil could be hiding in him."

Mike Bates wants to honor Tracy and her two sons. "She grew up to be a wonderful woman, a great mom, a great daughter, a great wife, a great family so, I was really proud of her."

When he thinks about the boys he says they were two typical brothers. "Fought like dogs, loved each other, just enjoyed life, love to play, loved to go hunting and fishing with Grandpa, loved to go to the lake, loved the outdoors, just rambunctious young men, very polite, well mannered."

Mike says the family is going to start the process of setting up services. They hope to have a public memorial to honor Tracy and her two sons.