Phone records place suspected getaway driver near Carlile house



Posted on April 11, 2014 at 10:58 AM

Updated Monday, Apr 14 at 8:34 AM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Police arrested the suspected getaway driver in the Doug Carlile murder. Officers have requested charges for the suspected getaway driver in the deadly shooting of Douglas Carlile at his South Hill home in December 2013.

Police said Friday Robby J. Wahrer was accused of 2nd Degree Murder and Conspiracy to Commit 2nd Degree Murder in the case.  Detectives said Wahrer was the driver of the van used to take the accused shooter, Timothy Suckow, to and from Carlile’s house the night of the murder Dec. 15.

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Detectives said concerned citizens first approached them about Wahrer’s involvement back in January. They told police he admitted being the getaway driver after seeing a story about Carlile on the news.

One neighbor saw the van and claimed she called crime check and 911 less than an hour before the murder, but said she did not get a response.

Police eventually tracked the white van back to IRS Environmental where Suckow is an employee.

Sources told KREM 2 news that phone recorded helped link Wahrer to the murder. Wahrer and Suckow allegedly texted each other several times before the murder.  Wahrer’s cell phone pinged on the cell tower that served the Carlile home about 10 minutes before the fatal shooting according to sources.

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Court documents stated that an unnamed source came forward to relay what Wharer had told them. The sourced told police that they were present when Wharer saw a news story about the Carlile murder. Following the news story, Wharer admitted to the source that he had driven the white van police were looking for in the murder. However, Wharer said the other male with him was only suppose to break Carlile’s kneecaps according to court records. Documents go on to state that Wharer admitted to waiting in the van during the murder.

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Police said the sourced agreed to testify when the murder went to trial.

Later, a second concerned citzen came forward admitting similar details about Wharer. The second sourced said that Wharer admitted to being scared, in trouble, and was not sure what to do.
Records show Suckow bailed Wharer out of jail a few days after Carlile’s murder. Wharer was arrested for an unrelated crime.

Authorities believe Suckow killed Carlile as part of a murder-for-hire plot orchestrated by Carlile’s business partner, James Henrikson.  Henrikson was arrested on unrelated weapons charges. He is currently awaiting trial in North Dakota.

Suckow and Wahrer are the only people charged Carlile’s murder.

Wahrer was scheduled to make his first court appearance Friday afternoon.