Spokane ranks second among similar bike friendly cities




Posted on May 13, 2014 at 8:06 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.— More people are biking to work than you might think in Spokane. In fact, when Spokane is compared to similar size cities, it ranks second for biking to work and the amount of  bike lanes.

Spokane appeared to be near the top of the pack when it came to the miles of bike lanes for cities with similar population sizes.

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A U.S. census survey took over a five-year period showed that 1.2% of people in Spokane bike to work. That percentage was higher than some cities of similar size in population.

Percentage of people who ride to work in cities comparable in size to Spokane:

•    0.4% of people in Des Moines, Iowa
•    0 .7% of people in Tacoma, Washington
•    1.2% of people in Rochester, New York
•    4% of people in Boise, Idaho

Boise’s extensive network of bike lanes could have something to do with their high percentage of people riding to work. Boise officials said the City had more than 130 miles of bike lanes. Spokane had 65 miles of lanes, which included shared lanes with drivers.

Miles of bike lanes in cities comparable in size to Spokane:

•    46 miles in Rochester, New York
•    30 miles in Des Moines, Iowa
•    29 miles in Tacoma, Washington

Portland, Oregon led the whole nation for the city with the most number of people who bike to work. The survey showed 6% of people in Portland bike to work.