Spokane in top 10 of 'Best Cities for Families' article

Spokane in top 10 of 'Best Cities for Families' article

Spokane in top 10 of 'Best Cities for Families' article


by KREM.com


Posted on June 16, 2010 at 6:33 AM

SPOKANE -- Parenting Magazine has named Spokane one of the top 10 American hometowns in its 'Best Cities for Families' article.

It's an award based on mom's top criteria for keeping their families happy, healthy and safe.

The magazine says Spokane was recognized for its fair weather, three Blue Ribbon schools, 4,100 acres of parks, playgrounds, and pools, and two children's hospitals.

Spokane also ranked in the top 10 in two additional categories, 'best education' and 'best health'.

Before evaluating the cities, Parenting conducted a nationwide survey of moms through its MomConnection research panel to establish the primary factors they consider when choosing a home.

Their choices were (in order of priority): quality of schools; affordability and availability of quality housing; low crime rates; job availability and growth; number of registered sex offenders; recreational opportunities; quality/quantity of pediatricians/family physicians; commute time and distance; proximity to a good children's hospital; quality/quantity of childcare facilities and preschools; and air quality.

So here are the breakdowns:

Best Cities for Families:

1. Arlington, VA

2. Austin, TX

3. Madison, WI

4. Ann Arbor, MI

5. Lexington, KY

6. Portland, OR

7. Spokane, WA

8. Scottsdale, AZ

9. Omaha, NE

10. Raleigh, NC


Top 10 Cities for EDUCATION:

1. Spokane, WA

2. Lexington, KY

3. Boston

4. Louisville, KY

5. Charlotte, NC

6. Toledo, OH

7. Indianapolis, IN

8. Providence, RI

9. Pittsburgh, PA

10. Wilmington, DE

Top 10 Cities for SAFETY:

1. Scottsdale, Arizona

2. Arlington, Virginia

3. El Paso, Texas

4. Ann Arbor, Michigan

5. Mesa, Arizona

6. Anaheim, California

7. San Diego, California

8. Portland, Oregon

9. New York, New York

10. Mobile, Alabama

Top 10 Cities for LOCAL ECONOMY:

1. Little Rock, Arkansas

2. Billings, Montana

3. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

4. Salt Lake City, Utah

5. Tulsa, Oklahoma

6. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

7. Anchorage, Alaska

8. Virginia Beach, Virginia

9. Raleigh, North Carolina

10. Arlington, Virginia

Top 10 Cities for RECREATION:

1. Jacksonville, Florida

2. Albuquerque, New Mexico

3. Scottsdale, Arizona

4. Anchorage, Alaska

5. Augusta, Georgia

6. San Diego, California

7. Little Rock, Arkansas

8. Louisville, Kentucky

9. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

10. Aurora, Colorado


1. Richmond, VA

2. Orlando, FL

3. Sioux Falls, SD

4. Spokane, WA

5. Anchorage, Alaska

6. Ann Arbor, MI

7. Madison, WI

8. Minneapolis, MN

9. Augusta, GA

10. Syracuse, NY