Spokane families enjoying changing weather




Posted on October 27, 2013 at 6:50 PM

Updated Sunday, Oct 27 at 7:00 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.—The cold and fog is settling in over Spokane signaling fall has arrived in the Inland Northwest.          
One boy is enjoying the change in weather. He was outside on Sunday helping his family rake up leaves.

"It's pretty fun if you jump in and get dirty all over,” said 5-year-old Kael.
He said he does not mind helping out at his parent’s Spokane home on the South Hill.
"It's fun for Kael and he has an activity and doesn't mind helping so it's really nice,” said Kael’s mother, Briana Boss.
Boss welcomes the change in weather and the extra yard work.
"It got cold real fast but it's a nice change,” said Boss.
Another family spent Sunday at Riverfront Park’s Ice Palace.
"We look forward to this opening up. We like to do that on a Sunday afternoon. That's a lot of fun for the family,” said Doug Colley.
Colley said he looks forward to every season and said the cold change in weather marks the start of some of his favorite family traditions.
"We really like the snow and sledding as a family, we enjoy the cold season,” said Colley.
Families at Manito Park said cold whether is an excuse for extra layers and costumes.
"It means it's closer to Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving all of those fun activities so we're looking forward to the change for sure,” said Mack Dolsen.
Others prefer spending time indoors.
"I am doing more knitting and painting and I like to get out of town in January,” said Connie Anderson as she was sitting in a coffee shop.
Anderson said she enjoyed the summer but she is also looking forward for a change in temperature.