Spangle residents hope flooding fix comes soon



Posted on June 18, 2014 at 7:54 AM

Updated Wednesday, Jun 18 at 7:54 AM

SPANGLE, Wash. -- People in the town of Spangle cannot help but remember the flooding in early March that overran the banks of Spangle Creek and spilled across the town. Residents contacted KREM 2 On Your Side complaining the creek wasn't being dredged, weeds weren't being cut, and that neglect was creating the problem. KREM 2 News went back to Spangle this week to follow up on what was being done to fix the issue.

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One resident, Rhonda Twitt, said she feels just about as upset as she did back in March.

“The weeds are all growing up so high. Each time it rains, it just starts flooding up and starts flooding all over the tracks, and it just floods out everywhere,” said Twitt.

One of the biggest problems for Spangle is that the run-off water comes right off nearby hills, and railroad tracks create a barrier that keeps the water on one side of town.

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When KREM 2 On Your Side contacted the Department of Ecology in March, spokespeople said they were looking into the problem. Since then, the Spokane Conservation District has gotten involved, looking at how water flows into the creek.

In addition, the Belsby Engineering firm out of Spokane hired by the town of Spangle is working on a $1.75 million grant from the Washington state Department of Ecology to help pay for the fix.

“I've seen some people come up with notebooks and little pads, in and out at different times,” said Twitt.

The approval for the grant money is still months away. Department of Ecology officials are working to determine if Spangle Creek is considered a high priority.

“I pray real hard that we get that grant because it sure would bless a lot of people who live here,” Twitt added.

While the approval process may take months, however, getting machinery out to Spangle and completing a fix is a process that could likely take years.