STA bus plan may hurt Millwood businesses


by Belo Content KREM

Posted on September 21, 2012 at 6:27 PM

Updated Friday, Sep 21 at 6:41 PM

SPOKANE-- A proposed plan by the Spokane Transit Authority to build a layover station for its buses in Millwood isn't sitting well with some business owners.

Business owners in the area told KREM 2 News it will take up valuable parking spaces.

Jonna Maule is the owner of company ballet. She is worried about its future.

Many of customers of area business use parking spaces on Euclid. 

STA has proposed building a bus layover and restroom where that parking lot sits.
STA told KREM 2 News U.S. Union Pacific owns the property, not those businesses.

Maule says close access is especially important during the snowy winter months.

STA officials said drivers have been parking near a 711 a couple blocks away and using the restroom facilities there. STA said this has presented operational and safety concerns and constructing a more permanent layover station would address that.
Officials said they have also heard concerns from city hall about the elimination of parking spaces

STA said it's now working with a church one block west to see if its drivers could use its restrooms.

STA would then build a layover closer to church.

The business owners said they love the service STA provides to Millwood. They just hope the layover lot will not take away their spaces.