Wild car chase ends with barefoot suspect hiding in stranger's home




Posted on February 26, 2014 at 12:45 AM

Updated Wednesday, Feb 26 at 5:50 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--A wild chase through a snowy Spokane neighborhood ended with a crash and a barefoot suspect pretending to be a homeowner, according to police.    

Police said the driver, Lisa Montoya, crashed her truck and ran through the snow in her bare feet.

Officers said Montoya tried to act like she lived in the home she ran to. The homeowner had never seen Montoya before.

“When I got up this morning I saw there were footprints going through my pathway that I specifically didn't walk through so I could shovel easier. I was like huh...that's sorta weird...,” said neighbor Tyson Galvin.

Spokane police said Montoya was behind the wheel of a stolen truck when officers tried to pull her over. Court documents show she was driving crazy on snow packed roads. The chase ended minutes later and officers said Montoya crashed into a fence.

Montoya took off running through Galvin’s property and into a home, according to police. Officers said Montoya pretended she lived in the house.

The homeowner set the record straight and said they had no clue who Montoya was, according to police. Montoya was barefoot during the whole thing.

“Why, why would she not have shoes or socks? That's weird. Did she take her shoes off or was she like driving barefoot?,” said Galvin.

Officers said they recovered one flip flop from the crash scene.

Montoya’s charges inclue possession of a stolen car and attempting to elude police. Her criminal record is lengthy, according to police.