Threat allegations put Quincy Sgt. on administrative leave



Posted on May 5, 2014 at 6:08 PM

QUINCY, Wash.--A judge granted a protection order to a records clerk at the Quincy Police Department who claimed a Quincy police sergeant threatened her.

That sergeant remained on paid administrative leave in May. The clerk claimed the officer even displayed a knife when he threatened her.

The sergeant requested an appeal of the protection order.

The records clerk, Diana Gonzales, said she feared for her personal well-being according to the protection order. She said she did not feel safe at work.

Records showed Gonzales asked a Grant County judge for the protection order. She said there was a fear of her safety and life due to a comment from Quincy police sergeant Dan Dopps.

Court documents suggested it happened after Gonzales complained to her chief about another officer.

The clerk said in a written statement that she was sitting at her desk when she heard Dopps say under his breath, “Snitches get stitches.” Gonzales wrote, “He has a knife in his hand and repeats again, ‘snitches get stitches.’” 

Gonzales claimed Dopps held the knife up and then walked to open a box that was in front of her desk. She added that the sergeant “does not have control of his anger.” She concluded the petition with, “I am in fear for my life and do not want him ever again around me.”

A judge signed the order in March. The order prohibited the sergeant from contacting Gonzales and from being at the workplace with her, among other restrictions.

The Quincy Police Chief said Dopps remained on paid administrative leave in May. He said he could not say much about the case because it was a personal issue. He said Dopps remained an employee with the department.

The Chief added the allegations detailed in the protection order remained under investigation.