Protestors outraged by "Date Grape" drink at Downtown bar



Posted on February 1, 2014 at 7:48 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--A new bar in Downtown Spokane was stirring up a controversy on its opening night Saturday.
Dozens of protestors were outraged over the name of a particular drink at the Daiquiri Factory.

Nearly 100 people were expected to protest Saturday night outside of the bar near Wall and Riverside. They were upset about a drink called "Date Grape" and said it is an inappropriate play on words. They said the subject of the name is not a joke.

"To see them using my trauma as a joke, it wasn't something that I can tolerate," said protest organizer Taylor Malone.

Malone said the name of the drink hits too close to home.

"I am a recent survivor. I've been raped twice, the most recent was three months ago," said Malone.

Malone said she was outraged when she saw the Date Grape drink posted on the Daiquiri Factory's Facebook page on Thursday. She said the name of the drink is offensive to rape victims.

"Jokes are harmful to people like survivors like me," said protestor Lisa Logan.

Logan and Malone were not the only ones angered by the drink. Dozens of people posted angry messages on the bar's Facebook page, asking the owners to change the name.

A protest group was set to stand outside of the bar during its opening night. Rape survivors were going to share their stories and concerns.

KREM 2 News reached out to the owners but could not get an answer.

The Daiquiri Factory posted a message on their Facebook page that said there are plenty of drink names that cannot be said on TV because they are too vulgar. They added that, "haters need a band wagon."

Some people said the drink name was not offensive.

The protestors said whether the name was intentional or not, it was not funny.

"They can do a lot of damage for something they seem to think is just an innocent joke," said Malone.

Protestors said they will not stop until the name changes.