Officers rescue 48 dogs from hot Spokane Co. cars in 4 days



Posted on July 16, 2014 at 5:11 PM

Updated Friday, Jul 18 at 11:45 AM

How far would you go to save a dog in a hot car?

SPOKANE, Wash.--Animal Control officers with SCRAPS said they responded to 48 calls in four days of dogs left in hot cars.

Officers said cars could quickly exceed the outside temperature by 50 degrees. They said they were responding to 12 calls a day on average of dogs abandoned inside hot cars.

“Just today we responded to a dog in a car that was 120 degrees inside,” said SCRAPS officer Nicole Montano.

SCRAPS also received a call on Wednesday about two dogs stuck inside a truck at Fred Meyer. Officials said the windows of the truck were rolled up and the dogs were panting inside and looked exhausted.

A man waited to confront the driver of that truck. The man said the driver shrugged it off and left the parking lot before officers arrived on scene.

KREM 2 News asked officers what the appropriate action was to take if someone saw a dog stuck inside a hot car.

“They need to call for help. If you can't find SCRAPS number, call 911. They will transfer you,” said Montano.  “If it's an extreme situation, my first priority would be to save that dogs life. Take whatever actions I need to.”

Officials cannot advise the public to damage someone’s property but they said the Spokane community was incredible at doing everything in their power to help those who cannot help themselves.

“What's great about this area is people are more aware. They are aware of the dangers and they're picking up the phone,” said Montano.