Post Falls shooting suspect's brother killed in police shootout



Posted on June 24, 2014 at 5:35 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jun 25 at 6:25 AM

POST FALLS, Idaho—KREM 2 News spoke to neighbors of the man involved in a shootout with police in Post Falls.

More information continued to come out on Tuesday about the man who police said opened fire on them along I-90 in Post Falls on Sunday morning. Marcus Rael, 24, was shot and wounded when a dozen officers fired back. Rael had moved to North Idaho from Arizona less than a month prior to the shooting, according to neighbors.

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Those who know Rael said he wanted to get away from the Phoenix area where he had grown up. According to officials, his older brother was killed in a shootout with police in 2014.

"He's really nice and he's a pretty generous guy too,” said Rael’s neighbor Kyle Raymond.

Raymond was somewhat shocked on Tuesday by the allegations against Rael. He said Rael went by the name “Anthony” and had only been his neighbor for a few weeks.

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"And I was actually helping him get all of his trailer set up and everything because this is his first time he's ever lived in one,” said Raymond.

Raymond said Rael moved to the area because he had an aunt in Post Falls. Raymond said Rael was learning how to make sawmills from a Spokane man and was set to start working in the lumber industry.

"All he really told us was that he, there was a death in his family and he kind of wanted to move up here. And kind of make a new life for himself,” said Raymond.

Rael's neighbors in both Coeur d'Alene and Arizona said Rael’s older brother, Andrew Rael, shot and killed a tow truck driver in Arizona before being killed in a shootout with police.

KREM 2 News spoke over the phone with the brothers’ neighbors in Arizona. The neighbors said the brothers were new people.

Raymond said Rael had a dog in his car at the time of the shooting. He said the dog was not expected to survive. Rael remained in stable condition on Tuesday.