N. Idaho family opens restaurant on Hauser Lake




Posted on July 13, 2014 at 7:12 PM

Updated Sunday, Jul 13 at 7:29 PM

HAUSER, Idaho--A family took on a massive project in their neighborhood on Hauser Lake. They opened a new restaurant and planned to turn their property into a family resort.

The Hammons spent countless hours working on their restaurant. Their children were part of the staff and relatives did the paintings on the walls. It really was a family restaurant. The Hammons’ goal was to create a space where other families could come together.

"It's so much fun I love it. A lot of families don't get to spend time together and we get paid to hang out,” said Anna Hammon.

"I'm a person who really likes projects, and I think I really hit the mother load on this one,” said Chris Hammon.

Chris and his wife, Jane Hammon, went all in on their project. Chris Hammons was a retired principal from Middle Lakes Junior High School. He was not a chef and he had never owned his own business.

"You've worked with middle school girls your whole life. You can do anything,” said Chris Hammon.

Chris Hammon took over a building on Hauser Lake in April and transformed it into “The Embers by the Lake” pizza oven restaurant.

Chris Hammon said the building used to be a high-end restaurant. He decided to make an affordable family restaurant.

"It's a little piece of heaven. We just wanted a place where the community can come together,” said Chris Hammon.

The family transformed the place into a beach themed hangout.

The family planned to turn the property on Woodland Beach Drive off Cliffhouse Road into a resort. They were renovating cabins.